Oscar scored a peach midweek...


Rubbish week from everyone this week. Jeremy Glendinning’s imaginatively named team – “Soccer” top scored with 63 points… props for having Gervinho still in your squad – did nothing up until now, so well played.

That being said, we will also give you kudos for foreseeing the future: Gervinho has played straight down the middle in two of his last three games, with Giroud pushed to the bench and Podolski out on the left. Wenger has said that he is keen for Giround to be eased into the EPL, so as not to destroy his confidence.

He also said that he believes highly in “turning our wingers into strikers” ( – so if Gervinho continues to start in that central striker role instead of out wide, which in this form he should, we can envisage him being a very worthwhile differential. Midfielders who play up front are ALWAYS a fantasy asset (see Dempsey, Ronaldo et al).



1.       Cenny Coast FC – Mitch Andrews – 114 Points

2.       B-Run FC – Sam Brunning – 113 Points

2.       Gunner Glory – Mark Andrews – 113 Points

3.       Bruninho FC – Jake Brunning – 112 Points

4.       Meow FC – Luke Armour – 111 Points

Something very peculiar going on with this month’s top 5. I wonder if the Brunnings and the Andrews’ are all Gunners fans?



Michael Wise – having duked it out with the top dogs last year, he is sitting in a paltry 47th place. He is also chief advisor for his brother, Tim’s, team – now languishing in 54th place…



Not – Torres has had two insipid games in a row… those hailing a return to his former glory may have been a bit too quick on the buzzer.

Hot – Berbatov. Martin Jol knows how to get the best out of the striding Bulgerian. He is the key man in the Fulham team who is the focal point of all attacks…. third striker material right there. Beware the bandwagon though

Hot – Fletcher. Similar to above – has loads of supply and will score goals and get assists. Crap away though.

Lukewarm – Shinji Kagawa. We aren’t too sure of the Kagawa situation at the moment – he was rested after a long flight back from Japan for the Wigan match, with an apparent back spasm. We predict that he will slot right back into the ManU midfield this weekend and get some good returns (at least an assist), but we are keeping a watchful eye on his gametime, form, and value. He is as on the fence as one can get.



After a hectic first couple of weeks, everything should start to settle down now.

There are a few games that look like locks – Newcastle should overcome Norwich on the weekend, so all of those who stumped up the cash for Ba/Cisse might want to gamble a captains armband on one of them. Ba is very shit hot at the moment and looks like the man who was putting them away for fun at the start of last season. Will it be enough to convince Pardew to start him as a lone frontman instead of Cisse? Who knows.

Similarly, Chelsea are at home to Stoke City. The Blues SHOULD get over the top of the Potters, unless Crouchy picks up the ball and runs it over the goalline rugby stylez again!

PS do yourselves a favor and watch Oscar’s second goal for Chelsea vs Juventus below. Jaw dropping. That’s Pirlo he turned, and Buffon he put it past – arguably two of Italy’s greatest ever players… and he made them look like the Guru at summer soccer!

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