Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 1

I’ll Michu at the top

The Wrap

The EPL got off to a flyer this week with goals galore: Swansea and Fulham both demolishing their opposition with five nil wins, and West Brom (and Phil Dowd) nudging out Liverpool three zip. Owen Klepzig and Trent Prasser must be proud to have such a faithful, upstanding United fan in Dowd refereeing in the EPL – just ask Daniel Miladinski and his Gooner army. Or any Liverpool fan. We would ask Manchester City fans, but we don’t like them.

To the business end of things, TheBlogFC did itself justice and predicted that QPR would struggle without their influential midfielder Joey Barton, and got beat up five nil by the all attacking display of Michael Laudrup and his avian army. Michu bagging a brace and an assist, and Dyer getting onto the end of a pair as well. Full credit must be given to Joel S here for correctly predicting that Michu will fit right into Laudrup’s new looking attack minded team and reap the rewards of sitting in ‘the hole’. With three home games in the next four, and playing off the striker in this attacking, Michu is a technically gifted playmaker who is a sound investment for those who looking towards a strong differential (he bagged 15 in last year’s La Liga!). Definite fourth midfielder material here – buy him, play him at home or away against teams who play a 4-4-2. Only drawback is he is not on pennos, corners or freekicks – this might change, however, pending Sinclair’s possible transfer to Manchester City. On that note, sell Sinclair – Dyer or Michu are a good straight swap.

This Week’s Winner

Password is Taco
With some very solid investment into Ivanovic and the new Chelsea schemer Hazard. Ballsy move that definitely paid off: 5 assists in two games… nice! Not bad considering his backheel stack vs City in the Community Shield. No BP for the 3 assists though…spewing! Though we do like the balls on Zolas Golas… 48 of his 80 point hall came from captaining Ivanovic…. nice! Well played sir, well played.

This Month’s Top 5

  1. Password is Taco – 97 points
  2. Joelspurs – 93 points
  3. FC Barcalana – 92 Points
  4. Bad News Bears/Zola Golas – 80 Points

And those that weren’t:

42. The Possums – two deep lying midfielders in the one team. No.
43. Toon Army – two Newcastle defenders in the one team? Both with the same name? Swallow your pride Kenny. Ditch one. Buy one from Stoke. Or West Ham.
…48 Hard Jisssssung – dead last. Ouch.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

For those who have Sergio Aguero in your team, move him on out! $11.5m is way too much coin to have invested in a player who is uncertain to be playing for the next few weeks. A straight swap for either Tevez or Rooney is definitely on the cards. Despite losing to a very organised, structured and disciplined Everton team, Ferguson will throw enough shoes at Rooney and co. to force them into an absolute rampage against a poor traveling Fulham team this weekend. Do it.

The Crystal (Palace?) Ball

Our magic ball says….. just relax! Get your dirty rotten fingers off the transfer button and don’t impulse purchase players on a whim. AND if your mouse is hovering over the wildcard button… walk away now. Let’s be serious here folks, we are ONE week into a 38 game season – let teams settle before you do anything drastic. If you did your homework in pre-season and have even the most trivial idea of football tactics (and player positioning in terms of fantasy league rewards), your picks are probably justified. Have a little faith in yourself – Fantasy League is like a fine wine, let it age before you crack it open. Don’t treat it like a Fruity Sexia and play Goon Of Fortune with your transfers. Keep and eye on those players who you thought impressed (or didn’t), and don’t do anything major until at least a month in.

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