Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 2

This Schipp has sailed

The Wrap

Another good week for Swansea and Chelsea fans as they both maintained their perfect start to the season. Eden Hazard again piling on the points with Fernando Torres in support. As predicted, Michu nabbed himself a goal after a terrible back pass from Collins – cheeky finish too, poked it left footed into the bottom right of goal. Class. Matt Barry, Nathan Alterator,Mark Mitchell and co will be very happy after transferring him in last gameweek. The Swansea schemer has now risen an amazing .6 in the transfer market. Wow.

The Blog FC were also very impressed with the fluidity and flair of the Everton team as they brushed Aston Villa aside 3-1, Pienaar was born to play for Everton and is set to be a decent performer in FPL this season. Him or Fellaini (who looks better in the hole than Naismith) are very sound fourth midfielder options for those who seem to have missed the Michu bandwagon.

How much of this performance was due to Aston Villas inability to do, well, anything remains to be seen. On that note, Aston Villa look dreadful. Rumours are abundant of a certain bet between The Blog FC FPLers on the Clarets going down. Can Paul Lambert rescue them? Who knows – but until they improve, sell your Villa defenders and midfielders. Bent can stay, but don’t hold onto him if he doesn’t score after next gameweek.

Last, but not least, The Blog FC was equally impressed with West Brom… they are actually pretty decent. Huh, who would have thought? They looked structured, well organised and drilled against a Tottenham team that had next to no firepower up front – Ridgewell and Morrison are definite fourth defender and midfielder options respectively. And Lukaku? Well… he is a train disguised as a footballer. He absolutely terrorised the Tottenham back four after coming on as a sub – strong on the ball, fast, skilful, and a good footy brain. Expect him to start games soon. Watchlisted.

This Week’s Winner

Password is Taco – Greg Schipp – 106 points
Really? Captaining Tevez? Rangel? Graham? Hazard? Who don’t you have fine sir. Your team is like the who’s who of performers. No transfers either. Cocky bastard. And you are 122nd in world rankings. Tall poppy… booo!

  1. Password is Taco – 203 points
  2. Schipp X! – 159 points
  3. joelspurs – 157 points
  4. Cenny Coast FC – 152 points
  5. Cykelmyggen – 151 points

Which means Password is Taco is our winner for the month of August! We’ll get in touch with you soon so we can send you your prize.

Dishonourable Mentions

  • Butterlona – Nathan Butterworth
    20 points. 9 of which came from Martin Skrtel. Haha!
  • Bomberoma – Stewart Vella
    Just for having Jermaine Jenas in your team.
  • Tylers Twats – Tyler Wakefield
    For disagreeing with BlogFC in the Gameweek 1 wrap, regarding staying cool on transfers and advocating rapid fire purchases – he bought Dyer and Kagawa. Both paid off for you and we give you cudos – well played. Still: tall poppy. Dishonourable mention.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Wayne Rooney
Ouch. Ouch Ouch Ouch. OUCH. We think this sums it up:

Rooney will be out for about a month while that bad boy scabs over. We know we said buy him last week. Sorry! But now sell him. He is far too much value to have sitting around on a bench. You could do one of two things: straight swap for a Torres or RVP. Though Chelsea have a blank Gameweek 3, and RVP is expensive.

Alternatively, go for a budget option and reinvest the money somewhere else (did someone say Kagawa in ‘the hole’? We hope so). Think along the lines of Tevez, Adebayor (who will now start Tottenham games) or hell, even Jelavic. We trust your ability to make informed, educated decision regarding these things. Except Stewart Vella (I mean – Jenas… are you serious!?!).

The Crystal (Palace?) Ball

Same as last week – we advocate chilling! Hazard and Michu no longer represent value, they are dead to you now. All you can do now is watch while they perform week in week out and you have to outmanoeuvre them. It’s possible – Joel Serena, winner of two competitions last year managed first place without once having Van Persie!

Next matchday is September 1st – just after the transfer window slams shut. The Blog FC has noticed a few wildcards already in the tournament, which we think is just plain crazy – surely it is better used in the Christmas period where the fixtures are coming up think and fast.

As usual, on transfer deadline day, there will be a flurry of activity, and your favourite EPL team will most likely not look the same as it did a week ago. It’s only Gameweek Two! Hell, next week Tottenham will probably have a brand new starting 11, and Bale might actually do something!

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