Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 3

Navigating the
Hazardous week.

The Wrap

Well, well, well – it was debated on The Blog FC’s website right here: Mark Yark raising some serious concerns regarding the value of the Van Persie transfer, whilst others (Joel and Rainfall) raised the point that it was, nor ever will be, a value transfer: it was pragmatic, and goal orientated. Van Persie clearly demonstrated last night that, all debate aside, that he is a Title Winning Asset – his hat trick, including his winner deep into Ferguson-time, clearly demonstrates this. Turning 0 points into 1, and 1 point into 3. Goals wins points, points win championships. On a Fantasy Football Note, congratulations to those players who captained Van Persie (Jake Brunning, John Malone, Richy Zola et al. – Hooray!) – we give you absolutely no credit for foreseeing this hat trick, but you are ballsy enough to invest grotesque amounts of cash into him, so well played. God damn he’s good.

Looking at the other games, West Ham! Wow. Absolutely obliterated a dreadful Fulham side that looked bereft of any direction, leadership and creativity. It was like watching the London Blitz – aerial bombardment. West Ham at home are a force to be reckoned with, and this Guru highly recommends Nolan as a 4th/5th midfielder in the mid price bracket (a bracket that has HUGE potential from teams like WBA, Sunderland and Wigan). His goals to games ratio is fantastic (Joey Barton even tweeted “What a finish by Nobby Nolan as well. He scores for fun that boy”), and Andy Carroll (who appears to have done a hamstring, watch this space) will only let the former Bolton and Newcastle man flourish. He is to be played at home, not away. As mentioned, Fulham looked dreadful and will take some time to heal after the departure of Dembele and Dempsey – those of you with investments in the Fulham squad, keep an eye out on the Petric/Berbatov/Rodagella rotation issues – they are all fantastic third striker options who will look to drop deep for ball supply, but may suffer from rotation. This Guru likes the look of Petric/Berbatov combination, but Martin Jol might disagree. Again, watch this space.

Heading to the Tottenham game now, where we saw Spurs concede yet another late goal from their inability to clear a set piece. If you own Spurs defenders: UGH! Spurs, similar to Fulham, lacked direction from deep in midfield, and those Bale owners might be looking towards other alternatives (*cough* Cazorla *cough*). Though we highly recommend just holding off on that for the moment, and letting the impact of the international break have its flow on effects for Bale, who might benefit from having Moussa Dembele control the midfield – especially as he has quality fixtures ahead (Reading & QPR). Having said that, this Guru is flirting with the idea of using Dembele as his (or her) Tottenham coverage, who looked very, very (VERY) good after coming on a sub – strong on the ball, direct with his running, can kick a ball in the back of a net, and will work well with Dempsey/Ade. He will start next game, guaranteed, and is versatile enough to play on either wings, on in the hole. And he is only 6.0, so yet another mid priced option. Watchlisted!

Our third match goes to Man City, where Tevez dominated (again). Congratulations to those who captained Tevez: Daniel Miladinski, Scott Jackson, Tyler Wakefield, Luke Armour, Sam Brunning – and the others. I can’t be buggered to find you, you know who you are. If you don’t have him (because you ignored the Guru’s advice in GW1) bad luck, your choice was bad. Still, BUY HIM NOW – he is only 9.7 at time of writing, and with City’s terrible defence, they will look to keep banging in the goals – and he is turning into automatic captain armband material. On that note, sell your City defenders and reinvest the cash across your squad. As this Guru mentioned last week, Ridgewell (or McAuley) are good, cut priced options who deliver attacking returns – as is Wigan’s Boyce, who appears to be playing as a right winger (Wigan play 3 at the back). There is value out there.

This Month’s Top 5

  1. Bruninho FC – Jake Brunning – 77 Points
  2. Convicts – John Malone – 76 Points
  3. Two Left Feet – Scott Jackson – 75 Points
  4. Meow FC – Luke Armour – 74 Points
  5. Thurlgona Thunder – Scott Wimble – 70 Points

Dishonourable Mentions

  1. Anyone who captained Gareth Bale – Joel Serena, Alana Haswell, et al – when you were both sitting there thinking: do I want Bale or Tevez as captain, you should have gone back to your previous ‘Trust Tottenham Paradigm’ – which is, NEVER TRUST TOTTENHAM. They will break your heart. Every. Time. You. Show. Them. Any. Love. Those. Bastards.
  2. The Guru – for advocating a sell sell sell policy on Aston Villa defenders, especially Clark – neglecting to realise he will serve his suspension midweek. He scored. Sorry guys!
  3. Not many dishonourable mentions this week, because this was a bastard of a week. If you got over 50-55pts, you done good kid. Don’t freak out. It was gross.

Hot or Not

Uh oh. A new addition to the Guru’s article. Due to the stupidly large number of budget alternatives, I am going to shout out some hot or not’s, I won’t go into too much depth regarding why I believe they are decent buys, but for the amateur player who needs quick advice without watching each game, this is for you.

Cazorla – his stats show this week’s performance had been coming for a while (first two games: made more successful passes in opp. third and created more chances than Hazard) – so if Arsenal finish their goals, he will be a points machine. HOT.

West Brom – you need a Ridgewell or Morrison at the moment. They are quality. HOT.

Steven Fletcher – has a stupid amount of midfield supply around him. Will score, will create – but only when match fit. Keep an eye out. Great third striker option. HOT.

Raheem Sterling – looks quality. Looks really strong on the ball, great delivery and has had a run of good starts. Liverpool do suck though, so yeh. WARM.

Shinji Kagawa – NOT – as predicted, started in ‘the hole’ but was subbed off for second time in a row as United went from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2. Look’s to be the man who is sacrificed in any formation change. Too much of a risk for those of you looking to expose yourself to United’s attacking points. It appears the only way in is through the front door: Van Persie.

The Crystal (Palace?) Ball

There is an international break coming up, which means no EPL for TWO WEEKS. We highly, highly recommend that you do not transfer anyone in OR out till after these fixtures. Players come back injured, clubs have time to gel together new signings. Traditionally, lower reputation teams (with less international players) come out firing after these breaks – so, as mentioned, there is tonnes of value out there in the Wigans, West Broms, West Hams, Sunderlands etc. Despite that, we honestly do recommend checking out our budget alternatives – right now it is a bracket that is firing. Nothing wrong with having a bit of cash left in your bank, as long as your entire team is firing and you have one captains armband player (Tevez, RVP, Tevez, Tevez, RVP, Tevez).

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