Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 5: Defoe-nately an option

The Wrap

If your name isn’t Tyler Wakefield, Matt Barry or Luke Armour, what a crap gameweek eh? Aside from the three mentioned, this week’s average of 41 means two very average gameweeks in a row.

From a Fantasy Football perspective, it has left many managers wondering how can they expose themselves to the whopping 112 points maximum from this gameweek?

The Guru thinks he (or she) has found the answer: Defenders. It was a defenders gameweek.

First Ashley Cole scored, then Nathaniel Clyne for Southampton, then Rafael for United, then in the same damn game Lescott for City, and Koscielny for Arsenal both helped themselves to some fantasy points.

That’s five defenders scoring the goals in matches that (aside from the Southampton game) had 3 goals. Do we think this is a freak gameweek of defenders, or a natural trend? Probably the former… BUT that’s not to say the likes of Rafael, Baines, Vermaelen et al aren’t a fantasy football asset: when defenders score or assist, it often means the difference between a crap gameweek, and a great gameweek. The above managers highlight this, all of them having a defender that posted 10+ gameweek pts. Defenders who score are differentials, all the time.

Moving on, we have to applaud Matt Barry for captaining Ashley Cole – the first goal he has scored in two years, and you captained him…. WOW. Nice!

Other than that, the Guru has highlighted a few scout notes to share with you, beloved followers –

Firstly, we head to the Bridge for the Chelsea/Stoke game – where many highlighted Eden Hazard as extremely good captain material – he has now failed to deliver (and since the Guru watched the game, not even looked like delivering) points in TWO consecutive games. This is further compounded by the fact that Chelsea play Arsenal, Tottenham and United in the next 4 Gameweeks. We highly recommend not drafting him in at this point, the bandwagon has passed and it’s time to look to other alternatives – he was well and truly rubbish against Stoke.

In the same game, Torres also failed to deliver for the second gameweek in a row and the Guru feels that, with the plethora of in-form strikers at the moment (Ba, Defoe, Fletcher, Berbatov, Lambert, Van Persie), it might be time to swap Torres for a form striker, and reinvest your cash across your team. Granted he did have a few opportunities in the Stoke match, and he is a valuable Fantasy asset when he is scoring, but at the moment the guy looks like he has never kicked a ball before.

We now move on to the City game, where the decision to bench Carlos Tevez frustrated many fantasy managers. The famous City rotation has well as truly set it: Mancini will do crazy things to his squad in and around Champions League fixtures, so the Fantasy manager must be wary. Tevez was given only 23 minutes on the pitch, and failed to deliver the goods. That now means in the last two gameweeks, he has only been given a total of 85 mins on the pitch. He is a definite rotation risk at the moment, however we are relatively sure he will be given a start against Fulham – who knows though.

Last of all we will have a quick look at the Tottenham game, where AVB decision to start Bale at left back raised many eyebrows. It didn’t work. Thankfully, in the second half AVB pushed Vertonghen out to the left which let Bale play in his natural left wing. He got an assist and 3 BPs for his efforts, and the Guru (as an owner of Bale) would like to say, along with the very few others who kept faith in the Welshman, BOOYEAH!

The sheer amount of people who sold Bale in GW 2 3 and 4 (about 140000) has meant that his last two gameweeks, delivering 11 and 8, are differential points. For those who don’t have him: we absolutely guarantee you that AVB will not try his experiment again: he is, and always will be, a fantasy asset.

Also in this game, Defoe popped up and nabbed another goal. That means it is 8 goals in the last 9 games he has played 90 mins in and AVB has made it very clear that he will not drop the tiny English forward as long as he keeps scoring. He is Defoe-nately an option (see the title!) up front and well played to Mike Wise for identifying this and drafting him in.

Also Fletcher scored his fourth goal with only his fourth shot for Sunderland. Poacher!

This Month’s Top 5

  1. Tylers Twats – Tyler Wakefield – 176 pts
  2. Meow FC – Luke Armour – 175 pts
  3. Convicts – John Malone – 171 pts
  4. B-Run FC – Sam Brunning – 168 pts
  5. Old Trafford Tragics – Owen Klepzig – 167 pts

With one more gameweek left for September, it is TOIGHT at the top! Make your trades carefully if you want to get your hands on The Blog FC Prize Pack for this month!

The Crystal (Palace) Ball

OK, the Guru has advocated for the last few gameweeks to settle down and hold your transfers so (hopefully) many of you will have 2 up your sleeve. We are recommending that the owners of Torres sell immediately: his price is probably going to drop before his next match, and with 3 tricky fixtures coming up in the next four (plus he looks dreadful) we are advocating selling. There are MANY options for you to buy, just check the past hot or not posts.

Secondly, we are repeating that Everton are the HOT team at the moment: if you don’t have any Everton coverage (Baines, Pienaar, Fellaini, Anichibe), do so now – they are playing absolutely fantastic football: fast, physical, and direct. They will certainly do away with Southampton at home very easily, and we are predicting another top gameweek for the Toffees.

Lastly, the Guru feels like Swansea’s form is starting to wear off – they got done 3 nil at home, and they look a shadow of the team they did both last year and early this season. Michu is still making some very intelligent runs over the pitch, and we predict more goals to come, but overall as a team they look very poor. Keep your Swansea exposure till after the Reading and Wigan games (both at home) then look to sell.

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