Game of the Week: Cardiff City 3-2 Manchester City


In a gameweek that was filled with dreary games (others may call it good defending, but I find that a lot less entertaining) this match was a welcome change. This gave me back the hope that the Premier League is still the best league in the world for entertainment and upsets.

Throughout the match it wasn’t as if Man City particularly blew me away with their football like they did against Newcastle in their previous game. Yaya Toure kind of summed up their performance for me; at various points (especially in the first half) he tried to play through balls to either striker and wildly over-hit them. Also, why oh why did they sign both Negredo and Jovetic if they aren’t going to play them? I know they need to get accustomed to the league, yes, but Dzeko scored a brilliant goal for City in this match, so would you drop him when the time comes? If not, could you dare leave out Aguero? Maybe I could understand the signing of Negredo, but the signing of Jovetic still baffles me. It shows that Pellegrini really should have focused on his defence a lot more; Javi Garcia looked suspect all match and even experienced heads like Zabaleta looked lost without Kompany in the defence with him. City still need a replacement for their captain, leadership-wise and someone who can actually defend.

Not to take anything away from Cardiff, they performed brilliantly. Straight from the first whistle they were right in the faces of the Premier League title contenders, putting them under a lot of pressure whenever they were on the ball and they looked arguably more dangerous than Man City on the attack. Whereas the Manchester club loitered on the edge of the Cardiff box waiting for their opportunity, Cardiff were a lot more direct and energetic in my opinion and it eventually paid off. They showed a lot of resilience after going behind and stunned Man City with three goals late in the match which they couldn’t recover from. Granted there was some pretty poor City defending involved, most notably Zabaleta completely ball watching and losing track of Campbell for the third goal, but it still took guts for Cardiff to be that attack-minded against Man City even when they were 2-1 up. And those scenes in the stadium after the third goal went in (apart from their owner, who tried to keep as cool as possible whilst still looking like an idiot) were bedlam; exactly what I love to see in the Premier League. A well deserved victory for the Bluebirds.

Man of the Match: Frazier Campbell

It took a while for Campbell to get in to the game (with a couple of offside calls and bad touches going against him in the first half) but when he did he looked a constant threat to the stand-in centreback Javi Garcia. It was no surprise that he got on the scoresheet, rounding off a terrific performance and winning the match for his team.



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