Partner Sites

The Blog FC shares content of the following excellent sites (and you should definitely check them out too):

Bundesliga Fanatic

Bundesliga Fanatic is an English language twist to German football.  Founded in September of 2010, their aim is to further publicise and spread the history, culture, quality,and competitiveness of the Bundesliga and German football to the English speaking world.

Inside Spanish Football

Inside Spanish Football was established to bring the latest Spanish football news, features and opinions. They offer full coverage of all twenty La Liga teams, all the Spanish teams competing in the Champions League and the Europa League, plus all the latest news and information about the Copa del Rey, plus the Spanish national teams.

Recommended Reading

The Blizzard – A football quarterly edited by Jonathan Wilson. “I’d been frustrated for some time by the constraints of the mainstream media and, in various press-rooms and bars across the world, I’d come to realise I wasn’t the only one who felt journalism as a whole was missing something, that there should be more space for more in-depth pieces, for detailed reportage, history and analysis. Was there a way, I wondered, to accommodate articles of several thousand words?” And so The Blizzard was born.

The Football Ramble – Fancy a few laughs? The Ramblers offer a humourous take on the week in football in their weekly podcast.

The Tomkins Times – A Liverpool FC community run by acclaimed author and football writer Paul Tomkins offers intelligent and comprehensive insights and discussion to everything related to the red half of Merseyside.

Zonal Marking – A site focusing on football tactics, with excellent analysis across European and world football by Michael Cox.