Manchester United can’t win the EPL – Statistically Speaking


United can’t win: something that I’m sure every football fan has heard over the past couple of days from one verbose UK news outlet or another. With good reason: United are playing bad, and most people hate them so like to read bad things about them.

I would like to however draw upon the predicament that United are in using statistics. As the old saying goes you can use statistics to prove anything: glass half-empty/half-full type scenarios. So let’s keep this real simple and have a look at what it takes to actually win the League and where United currently are:


The amount of points United have


The average finishing score of the league Champions from the past 5 years


The amount of points per game that United will have to earn for the remainder of the season to reach that mark


The last time a team accrued points at this rate. Chelsea (finished on 95 points at 2.5 per game)


The amount of games Chelsea lost, for the entire season

0 per cent

The chance Manchester United has of replicating this feat

Now there it is, we haven’t dissected tactics, called for the head of the manager or questioned the current squad’s commitment. I’m sure these themes will become vogues as the reality becomes more transparent.

One thing worth noting: Moyes has come out stating that United don’t have the class to win the Champions League. Quite a big claim for a man who can’t win his own domestic league, one would assume they would push hard for European glory. Perhaps he’s trying to make us all think that the glass is half-empty when it is the only thing that could possibly be half-full?


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